Grand Theft Auto:

What I Want To See In The Next Version

Ever since the first game was released back in 1997, Grand Theft Auto. gained a lot of fans. With it’s mix of comic-strip violence, casual profanities and explicit themes, Grand Theft Auto was really a game that was ahead of it’s time and it still continues to be the benchmark as far as gaming goes.

With the most recent release of Grand Theft Auto 5, many (myself included) probably thought that the most auditious and spectacular version so far. The sheer scale, detail and level of things to do throughout the game is matched by no other game I have ever played. And with the recent releases on the latest next gen consoles, the game is probably at peak of it’s virtual reality powers both in terms of game-play and graphics.

However, there are a few things that I personally would love to see in the next episode of the game. Below are the top 5 things I would like to see:

1 – Take Over The Train

On previous versions of GTA, taking over the train was no problem at all. All you did was wait for the train to arrive at the station and then press the button that you would normally press whenever you wanted to hijack a vehicle. Of course, if you hijacked the train, you would get an instant 5 star rating – just thing of the chaos you could cause!

2 – Go To Restaurants

One of the most successful versions of GTA is definitely GTA San Andreas, which practically allows you to customise most aspects within the game. One of the biggest things you can customise is your characters weight, so if you wanted to become a fat bastard, all you had to do was go to the local burger shot and eat till you threw up. How nice!?

3 – Go On Dates

Going to restaurants kind of leads on to my next feature I would like to see, being able to go on dates with girls (or boys if your character is that way inclined, afterall we do live in progressive society). Although you can pick up some of the girls in the strip clubs, it would also add an extra dimension if you could take out that person. Another feature could be to have a dating app or even the ability to search for escorts by location like this popular escorts website. And then later, you can hook up, go for a date and then maybe even go back to your apartment for some quality action.

4 – Go To The Gym

Come on, looking back at GTA San Andreas, there was nothing better than going for a hard session in the gym. Doing a few reps on the weights then instantly looking like Shaun T from those Insanity commercials. And then throwing all your hard work away when you decided to go on a binge eating session.

5 – Record Movies!

One of the most enjoyable things I have watched recently on youtube is all the custom made GTA 4 videos using the PC mod add-on. If readers have ever played the Driver series of games, one of the best things in that game was the ability to perform, direct and edit your very own car chase movie. If the GTA series brought this feature into the next game, it really will be the best game ever!